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Nick D'Amico

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Tico Lingo

Tico Lingo is a Spanish language school situated in the heart of Costa Rica. It offers immersive education experiences to travelers of all Spanish speaking levels. Small class sizes, homestay living, cultural exploration, and adventuring around the country make this school a choice for young, motivated individuals looking to break out of their bubble.

Working closely with the founder, we developed a brand language that reflects the colorful and communal nature of this country. We created a series of materials that uniquely satisfy the needs of an abroad education program aimed at wide-eyed youth. 



Design Language

Costa Rica is full of vibrant colors, individuals, and communities. It was our goal to reflect this nature and demonstrate the value of learning a language via an immersive experience.

We lean on the brand photography, which demonstrates an array of Costa Rican experiences through an honest, authentic lens. The design elements stress a clarity necessary for the school and traveling program, but with a colorful and relaxed visual language.

Telling the stories of inspired and scrappy young travelers, combined with goal of learning language provides unique design opportunities. We designed our materials not only to create brand awareness, but also to teach the language. 


Photographs by John Vallance and Nick D'Amico