Nick D'Amico
Nick D'Amico




Addepar is reimagining the role of technology in one of the world’s largest industries – finance. Situated in the heart of Silicon Valley, the company builds a platform to clarify complex investment portfolios.


Design Language

The identity for Addepar is focuses on bringing clarity and confidence to an industry loaded with opaque complexity. 

We aimed to represent the high-touch nature of financial services while bringing it to a modern era that asks for accessibility and empowerment. Our foundation targets premium, pioneering, and precise brand qualities. We communicate clarity and accountability with refined typography, a minimal color palette, and effective use of white space.

Addepar's mark references a basic understanding of growth – up and to the right. The supporting elements and their use reflect a similarly dynamic and simple aesthetic.



The visual language was translated into a robust set of brand materials and experiences used to tell the Addepar story to clients, employees, and candidates.  

We continued Addepar's values to create touchpoints that feel approachable, fresh, and confident. 


Exploring Form

We used the basic form of the Addepar logo to explore new compositions. These abstractions were used in different applications to add a bold flavor to the brand.

For a deeper look at our visual research, see our Addepar From Studies book.