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Graphic design from Ohio to San Francisco to Los Angeles.

Attempting to place my visual culture in an art historical context makes it more meaningful to me. I try to observe this in my work, and as it develops maintain a focus for purpose and identity while finding natural room for experimentation and expression.

I want my work to be significant. Right now I'm most interested in identity, typography, and their intersections. I value questions, process, craft, collaboration, and collective history over the creative genius mythos. My undergrad experience involved just as much ink, wood and metal type, silkscreen, and clay as it did a computer. Staying close to analog methods makes me happy.

In my free time I try to chip away at personal projects and be outdoors. If you want to make something cool together, please reach out!



Ryan Smith
Graphic Design, San Francisco

Jeanie Mordukhay
Graphic Design, San Francisco

Brad Knilans
Photography, Oakland

Dave Pickett
Industrial Design, Seattle

Film, Los Angeles

Craig Gephart
Graphic Design, San Francisco


Christina Ngyuen
UX/UI, San Francisco

Mike Sobeck
Painting, Cleveland

Ali Forbes
Graphic Design, Cleveland

Caroline Walp
Printmaking, Chicago

Inside / Within
Art Journalism, Chicago

Kenny Phillips
Graphic Design, New York