Nick D'Amico
Nick D'Amico
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Nick D'Amico

I value experimental energy and thorough process. This fosters authentic, bespoke, and fresh results that define meaningful work.



I live and work in Silver Lake, Los Angeles. I have experience working on the long-term development of brands with in-house teams, in a studio environment, and as an independent consultant. If you're interested in partnering, let's talk!

Cleveland → San Francisco → Los Angeles

Making consumes a lot of my time. I love to compare and contrast different methods of making and connect the dots between everything in my environment.

The curves of a letter and those of a pot are built on the same principles, but one is formed with plotted points while the other with raw material. Broadening these tactile skills is an ongoing effort of mine. 


I believe the most successful design stems from an understanding of this essence. I aim to realize and elevate the fundamental nature of a problem, idea, or brand. In this, our result moves beyond style and fashion for an outcome that is appropriate and distinct, sensible and flavorful.

Exposure to new environments allows me to appreciate how different landscapes, people, and materials interact to find their own unique equilibrium.



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